On 10/11/2020, with Resolution No. 5/2020 of the Board of Directors, PFST awards the PFST Supervisor Certificate to those who meet the developed criteria.

The list of PFST Supervisors includes:

  1. Piotr Adamiak (certificate no. 01/2020)
  2. Marek Grondas (certificate number 02/2020)
  3. Wojciech Fijałkowski (certificate no 03/2020)
  4. Zbigniew Kamienski (certificate number 05/2020)
  5. Arleta Kempka (certificate number 06/2020)
  6. Jolanta Łazuga - Koczurowska (certificate number 07/2020)
  7. Katarzyna Pulawska Popielarz (certificate no 08/2020)
  8. Helena Strzałkowska (certificate number 09/2020)
  9. Barbara Tokarska (certificate no. 10/2020)

Below is a document containing the criteria for awarding the certificate and the rules and regulations for applying for PFST supervisor certification.


Criteria for awarding the Supervisor's Certificate (1)