The Polish Federation of Therapeutic Communities was officially established in 1997. It is a non-governmental organization, has a legal personality and operates on the basis of the applicable laws and the applicable statute.

The Polish Federation of Therapeutic Communities Association has its headquarters in Gdansk, and the area of its activity is the whole country. PFST may also carry out its objectives outside Poland. PFST may be a member of national and international organizations with a similar scope of activity.

The activities of PFST are based on the social work of its members. The main goal of PFST is to carry out all activities in the area of public health, health promotion, education, prevention, specialized assistance, social work and social reintegration of people at risk of exclusion and marginalization, in need of help due to addictions, poverty and other individual and social constraints.

This goal is being realized through, among other things:

  • Promoting and developing new forms of work with addicts based on the philosophy and assumptions of therapeutic communities,
  • attention to the quality of services provided wherever the therapeutic community is the primary mode of therapeutic interactions,
  • Initiating, conducting and disseminating scientific research for the development of therapeutic communities,
  • raising public awareness,
  • Integration of the therapeutic community professionals and nurturing their professional development,
  • Exchange of experience and cooperation with therapeutic programs based on therapeutic community principles in Europe and the World,
  • promoting forms of work with the therapeutic community method in outpatient and inpatient systems of assistance for people at risk of addiction and addicts, social welfare centers, educational and penitentiary institutions
  • Supporting all initiatives and activities for the development of therapeutic communities.

            Realizing the above goals, for more than 20 years of its existence, PFST has organized many symposia, conferences, seminars - domestic and foreign, as well as training courses for the community of people working in therapeutic communities. From 1997 to 2002, PFST published a newsletter on the situation of therapeutic communities in Poland, news from the world and presented centers and people running therapeutic communities in Poland. This newsletter was distributed in hard copy to all therapeutic communities throughout the country.

Members of the Polish Federation were and are representatives of many non-governmental organizations dealing with professional help for addicts, such as the MONAR Association, the Catholic Association "Betania", the Upper Silesian Association "Familia", the Warsaw Benevolent Association, Solidarni "PLUS", the "Marathon" Foundation, the "Return from U" Association, the "House of Hope" Foundation and people from centers working with the therapeutic community method.

The Polish Federation was a member of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities, and is now a member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities. In recognition of its merits in helping addicts, the Polish Federation of Therapeutic Communities established the CREDO award "for heart and dedication to addicts", which in 2002 was awarded to Marek Kotanski, Dr. Vincenco Sorce, Andrzej Majow- Majewski, Piotr Adamiak , Piotr Jablonski and others.

Since 2002, PFST has been one of the first organizations to run a certification system for addiction psychotherapists in Poland. From 2002 to 2023, in XVIII training editions, about 1,500 people professionally engaged in helping addicts became certified addiction psychotherapy specialists.