We are pleased to announce that as the Polish Federation of Communities
Therapeutic Communities has completed a research project: "Measuring the effectiveness of
of treatment factors in therapeutic communities for addicted adults".

implemented between 2022 and 2023, commissioned by the National Center for the

Addiction Prevention, 02-776 Warsaw, 52/54 Dereniowa Street.
The aim of the project was to measure treatment factors in therapeutic communities
for adult addicts (18-30 years old) and to relate their prevalence and intensity to the
treatment effects, in the form of relevant individual (psychological) and
social (level of social functioning, including variables directly related to
substance use and other risk behaviors). The study included
individuals undergoing treatment in 47 inpatient centers using the therapeutic community method
therapeutic community. The report, submitted for review, received a favorable opinion from Prof.
Jan Czesław Czabała.
We sincerely thank all those involved in the realization of this - so
important for therapeutic communities - undertaking.